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You can reproduce realistic models with any of our textures.


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REDUTEX© 3D is a Patent Protected Product.     


        REDUTEX© is  unique in that   not only does it add  amazing realism to any Model Building but also enhances the complete Model Diorama ,  suitable for both amateur and professional modelling. The Redutex range of  textures cover most modelling scales from N gauge to OO, HO  and O gauge and larger  scales such as Doll Houses.

We have over 900 textures that cover all Architectural textures ranging from  Brick, Masonry, Stone, Slate and Clay tiles. We produce natural textures like Granite, Red Stone, Ashlar, even  a vast selection of surface textures cobbles, tarmac and Timber, the list is extensive.

With such a vast range of  architectural textures all periods of architecture are covered ranging from Classical, Georgian, Victorian and Modern. Therefore the Modeller is able to create  a wide range of finishes and  Buildings.

Innovation is at the Heart of Redutex to Support Model Making.

Redutex founder Eduardo Garcia created the product in 1994 who by trade is a Professional model builder the products came about because he could not find suitable products for  model projects. This innovation is based on three defining factors:

  • New formula , acrylic resins that give the product its unique qualities of ductility , strength and realistic finish.
  • New method of production:  that departs from the processes used to date, superior to Die cut card and Vacuum formed plastic sheets
  • Product Development: Constant new models and other products are always being created so as to enable the creative modeller to créate a vast range of architectural models. 

Technical characteristics:

  • Fantastic Realism: Most of the originals are hand made  , creating  amazing realism in the   3D  textures. No more Bland printed brick papers. 
  • Faster Build Time: Using Redutex 3D textures enables the model builder to reduce build time, straight from the packet, there is no need such as with Plastic vacuum formed  brick textures to spray undercoat then spray  a brick finish.
  • Ductile: The 3D textures are all Adhesive backed, allowing stretching, deformations and folds. The use of a low heat from an Hairdryer accentuates the stretching and pliability of the textures, we advise you use the textures in a minimum 15 Deg temperature environment. On the other hand in cold temperatures such as storing in a fridge can create some interesting effects like cracked rendering that reveals Bricks underneath such as in a war gaming model.
  • Self-adhesive, It’s important that the textures are applied to a  clean surface any  grease and or other residue will prevent full adhesion.  It  takes several  hours for the adhesive backing  to fully adhere 
  • Easy handling . It cuts very easily, with scissors and sharp blades. For professional model builders,  excellent cutting results are obtained by laser, it does not warp or black. Sticks easily on most surfaces.

Proven Durability  over the years  with the passage of time, the textures take on a natural finish, and will not fade.

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